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    "Make eye-contact with your future and let it take you on a wild adventure."

    To be released in 2018

    Success Freak

    To be released in late 2018

    The highly anticipated book by author Bruno Gralpois. You are a success freak and you may not even know it. We've been conditioned to accept some ideas about success which are unhealthy and created major roadblocks, preventing us from realizing our full potential. This book will challenge these ideas and open your mind to new opportunities. 7 days, 7 hours, 7 skills. Unleash the success freak in you. More information here.

    Specifications: 335 pp., Hardcover, $24.95 Category: Self-Help. Publication Date: March 2015. ISBN-10: 1941768636 and ISBN-13: 978-1941768631. Publisher: Waterside Productions, Incorporated.

    Magnifique Inside & Out


    A personal guide to understanding how beauty fits into our busy lives. Brand wizard and celebrity judge Bruno Gralpois reveals the secrets to confident beauty, based on interviews with inspiring role models and subject matter experts in nutrition, fitness, communication, reputation management and confidence building. Buy it here.



    Agency Mania


    Why some relationships thrive while others fail? Relationship expert Bruno Gralpois demystifies for readers the discipline and craft of working with agencies. Brilliantly illuminated by words of wisdom from thought-leaders, Agency Mania features insights from Burger King, MasterCard Ford, Macy’s, Intel and Walmart among many others. More information here. Buy it here.


    Specifications: 336 pp., Hardcover, $24.95 Category: Business/Marketing. Publication Date: October 2010. ISBN 13: 978-1-59079-205-6. ISBN 10: 1-59079-205-X. Distributed in the US by Midpoint Trade Books Available through Ingram, Baker & Taylor and other major wholesalers.

    Various Public Speaking and Book Signing Engagements

    Upon request

    Bruno Gralpois is asked to speak on a regular basis at industry events and conventions. He's also invited at book signing engagements around the country. Inquire about his availability here.


    Bruno Gralpois is also a Faculty Member of the prestigious Association of National Advertisers (ANA) School of Marketing.


    As a Faculty Member, he conducts various workshops about ways to better value from client agency relations for global brands and Fortune 100 companies around the country.


    Recent public speaking engagements include: "You, the Brand", "Top Trends That Will Rock Your World", "Procurement Beyond Savings", "Optimizing Client Agency Relations" and many others.