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    Named 2019 Must-Read Book by Success Magazine & Award Winner

    We've been conditioned to accept some ideas about success which are unhealthy and created major roadblocks, preventing us from realizing our full potential. This book will change these ideas and open your mind to new opportunities. Kick ass in life in 7 days. In December 2019, Success Magazine selected the book as a "MUST READ" for personal growth. Success Freak also received the 2019 Bronze Award from Foreword Reviews. Read more here. Available on Amazon, at online retailers and local bookstores.


    Specifications: 200 pp., Paperback, $17.95 Category: Success Self-Help. Publication Date: Nov 4 2019. ISBN-10: 082530928X, ISBN-13: 978-0825309281. Publisher: Beaufort Books.
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    AGENCY MANIA, 2nd Edition

    Named 2019 Best Business Book by Pwc's "strategy + business"

    There has been so much change in advertising in the past decade that impacted the relationship between an advertiser and its agency(ies) that it was time to provide a fresh perspective on this topic. This new edition includes many illustrations, quotes and a vast number of new anecdotes and examples about the state of our industry. Published by Beaufort Books NY, the book received many endorsements from thought leaders and industry veterans. In December 2019, the book was recognized by the prestigious Pwc's publication "strategy + business" as one of the "BEST BUSINESS BOOKS of 2019". Buy it here.


    Specifications: 425 pp., Paperback, $24.95 Category: Business/Marketing. Publication Date: Feb 26 2019. ISBN-10: 0825308968, ISBN-13: 978-0825308963. Publisher: Beaufort Books.
    Specifications: 335 pp., Hardcover, $24.95 Category: Self-Help. Publication Date: March 2015. ISBN-10: 1941768636 and ISBN-13: 978-1941768631. Publisher: Waterside Productions, Incorporated.


    Recipient of many accolades and 5 star reviews

    A personal guide to understanding how beauty fits into our busy lives. Brand wizard and celebrity judge Bruno Gralpois reveals the secrets to confident beauty, based on interviews with inspiring role models and subject matter experts in nutrition, fitness, communication, reputation management and confidence building. Buy it here.
    Specifications: 335 pp., Paperback, $24.95 Category: Health, Fitness & Dieting. Publication Date: Feb 2015. ISBN-10: 1941768636, ISBN-13: 978-1941768631. Publisher: Waterside Productions.
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    AGENCY MANIA, 1st Edition

    Best-selling book, translated in multiple languages including Chinese Mandarin

    Why some relationships thrive while others fail? Relationship expert Bruno Gralpois demystifies for readers the discipline and craft of working with agencies. Brilliantly illuminated by words of wisdom from thought-leaders, Agency Mania features insights from Burger King, MasterCard Ford, Intel and Walmart among many others. Buy it here.
    Specifications: 336 pp., Hardcover, $24.95 Category: Business/Marketing. Publication Date: Oct 2010. ISBN 13: 978-1-59079-205-6. ISBN 10: 1-59079-205-X. Publisher: Selectbooks.
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    Bruno Gralpois is asked to speak on a regular basis at industry events and conventions. As well as webinars. Recent public speaking engagements include: "You, the Brand", "Top Trends That Will Rock Your World", "Procurement Beyond Savings", "Optimizing Client Agency Relations" and many others.
    Bruno Gralpois is also a Faculty Member of the prestigious Association of National Advertisers (ANA) School of Marketing. Founded in 1910, the ANA's membership includes more than 640 companies with 10,000 brands that collectively spend over $250 billion in marketing and advertising. As a Faculty Member, Gralpois conducts workshops for global brands and Fortune 100 companies around the country.
    He's regularly invited to speak or do book signing. Inquire about his availability here. Follow me on LinkedIn
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    Interviews, opinion papers and thought-leadership articles

    Bruno Gralpois is a regular contributor to trade media on the topic of advertising/marketing, brand management and the delicate yet strategic relationship between a brand advertiser and its agency partners. He has been interviewed extensively in research papers, studies or industry initiatives and he's often quoted in media outlets. He's regular contributor on Forbes. Check out his recent media activities. Follow me on LinkedIn
    Steve Ballmer and Bruno Gralpois


    Microsoft Corporation

    In 2004, Gralpois was awarded the prestigious Marketing Excellence Award from co-founder and then-Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer for his outstanding contribution to the company's success. Bruno received multiple individual and team awards at Microsoft.
    Bruno Gralpois and Agency Mania, the book


    The Sammy Technology Award

    In 2021, Gralpois's company Agency Mania Solutions was awarded the prestigious Sales and Marketing Technology Excellence Award for the company's leadership as a leading software provider of cloud-based services and technology for Fortune 200 organizations like Toyota, IBM, Nestle, Dell, American Express and many others.