• Non-Profit

    Giving Back and Contributing to a Better World

    French Foreign Trade Advisor (CCE)

    French Ministry of Trade and Commerce

    Bruno is a French Foreign Trade Advisor (aka "Conseillers du Commerce Exterieur" or CCE's), appointed by the French Ministry of Trade and Commerce. Bruno is part of a small group of French senior executives established in 145 countries dealing with business opportunities and risks in major world markets.

    Experts in their own area, the CCE’s are at the heart of international markets and aware of the full range of international business risks.Their opinion help shape the French trade policy. CCE’s organize conferences all over the world to compare and exchange their views with international decision-makers, their analysis of international trade and their experience of specific markets.

    Pro Bono Adviser

    Safe Project

     Bruno is passionate about helping others realize their true potential. He's a pro bono adviser/producer for international award winning photographer Nick Haddow and two-time Academy Award® winning actress Emma Thompson and her UK-based human rights organization, the Helen Bamber Foundation.

    Everyone needs a safe place, but millions cannot find one. We live in a world where about 27 million people have been forced into labor or sexual exploitation. The wonders of feeling safe—and the urgent, compelling need to provide safety to those in search of it around the world—come to the fore in The SAFE Project, an intriguing mix of intimate portrait photography.

    Celebrity Judge

    Miss Universe/USA and Miss America Organizations

    Bruno's exposure to the world of beauty has led him to many opportunities to contribute to organizations like Miss Universe/Miss USA and Miss/Mrs America that foster a healthy definition of beauty and personal growth, encouraging individuals to build self-confidence and explore ways to better themselves. Bruno participated as a judge in various Miss USA and Miss America events in the past decade. His experience as a judge was a catalyst to writing his book entitled "Magnifique Inside & Out" in 2015 (now available at Amazon.com and other online stores) which led him to speaking on the topic at industry events and being interviewed by television shows.