• Meet Bruno Gralpois

    Acclaimed French American entrepreneur, author and public speaker. His favorite playgrounds: Paris, Las Vegas and Seattle.

    Bruno Gralpois is recognized globally by his peers as a partnership guru and adviser, leading brands like VISA and MICROSOFT to relationship bliss with their agency partners. Bruno is co-founder and principal at AGENCY MANIA SOLUTIONS, a Seattle-based technology firm specializing in cloud-based automation designed to infuse more collaboration and efficient outcomes in business partnerships. His clients include the world's largest brands including Dell, Toyota, IBM, Bank of America, Nestle, Warner Media, American Express and many others.


    At VISA, Bruno was responsible for driving brand excellence around the world as the Head of Global Marketing and Operations. As the Director of Global Agency Strategy and Management at MICROSOFT, he developed a company-wide approach to strengthening the brand and driving business impact through successful partnerships around the globe. His outstanding work at Microsoft earned him many awards, including the highly prestigious Excellence Award from then-CEO Steve Ballmer.
    Over the years, Bruno has worked with the largest brands in the world in either a leadership and managerial capacity or as a subject matter expert.

    Bruno Gralpois held executive leadership positions at pre-IPO tech companies - AQUANTIVE/RAZORFISH (acquired for $6 billion) and VISIO (acquired for $1.5 billion) where he played a critical role in building fast-growing teams using data, analytics and digital. Both firms had their IPO during his tenure and were acquired by MICROSOFT.


    Bruno is also the former Head of Relationship Marketing at CLEARWIRE/SPRINT (now part of T-MOBILE), a multi-billion dollars leading provider of wireless services, where he built a growth customer engine that contributed to the company's success. Before moving to the US, he held positions at HACHETTE and the FRENCH MINISTRY OF DEFENSE. Bruno also holds a MBA in Marketing and International Business from the International School of Management and he is a frequent speaker at industry events.

    Bruno Gralpois is the author of "AGENCY MANIA" (now in its 2nd edition), available in multiple languages and considered a reference book in the business community. The book was recognized by the prestigious PricewaterhouseCoopers's publication "strategy + business" as one of the "BEST BUSINESS BOOKS of 2019". Bruno is also the former chair of the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) Client/Agency Relations Committee.


    He was appointed as French Foreign Trade Advisor in the US by the French Ministry of Trade and Commerce. Bruno is an active member of industry forums where he contributes to increase the effectiveness of business partnerships. He's currently a Faculty Member of the ANA School of Marketing, training Fortune 100 companies. Check out his other non-profit responsibilities.


    Bruno was nominated 2021 MAN OF THE YEAR by Deluxe Magazine. He was a pro bono adviser for celebrity photographer Nick Haddow and two-time Academy Award® winning actress Emma Thompson and their project "SAFE". Bruno grew up in France, the world-renowned center of style, beauty and fashion. A former celebrity judge for Miss USA and Miss AMERICA events and the author of "MAGNIFIQUE INSIDE & OUT", Bruno has been featured on many radio and television shows. His self-help book, "SUCCESS FREAK" received industry accolades including the 2019 Bronze Award from Foreword Reviews. For more information, visit his Author Profile on Amazon.com.

    Bruno Gralpois is highly regarded in the business community for his thought-leadership. Check out his LinkedIn profile for more endorsements.

    Mike Sievert, CEO, T-Mobile
    "Bruno has a great mind, good marketing instincts."




    Jennie Sutherland, Global Strategy, Director, Dell
    "Bruno's unmatched understanding of strategic relationships makes him a most valued partner..."

    Kevin Akeroyd, CEO, Cision
    "Bruno is a rare combination of vision, strategy, operations. One of those leaders who can do it all."



    Amit Singh, Group Finance Manager, Microsoft
    "I learned a great deal from working with Bruno and am grateful for all his mentorship..."


    Ernest Aquilio, Sr. Sourcing Specialist, PG&E
    "Bruno is one of the smartest, dedicated business partners I’ve ever known."

    Shawn Ottenbreit, Sr Director Analytics & Planning, HPE
    "Bruno’s thought leadership is instrumental in helping us to create value."

    Simon Mouyal, Chief Marketing Officer, Medidata
    "Bruno has a strong strategic mind with extraordinary capabilities to find smart ways to execute them flawlessly."

    Jim Baller, EVP, CFO, McCann Worldgroup
    "Bruno has played a critical role in managing agency relationships for Microsoft.."



    Bill Park, CEO, DeepDyve
    "Bruno was an excellent client and partner. He was a demanding but gracious client who pushed us to deliver superior work."





    Tom Lapaze,  Director Dev. & Marketing, Global Visionaries
    "Bruno was my manager for 3 years. A man of integrity, he is quite visionary, and generous."



    Rip Gerber, Chief Marketing & Alliance Officer, Vlocity
    "Bruno is a remarkable leader and visionary."